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Morro de Arica



The Chilean Computer Conference (JCC) is the most important scientific event organized and carried out in Chile, in the field of Computer Science and Computer Science, being recognized by the two most important scientific societies in the world, Such as ACM and IEEE. This event has been developed since 1993 in an uninterrupted way, being organized and carried out jointly between the Chilean Society of Computer Science and one of the Chilean Universities, such as: Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Universidad de Santiago, Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de Talca, Universidad Técnica Federico Sta. María, Universidad Católica del Norte, Universidad Arturo Prat and Universidad de Tarapacá.

This event brings together the annual meeting of the Chilean Society of Computer Science (SCCC), the International Conference of the Chilean Society of Computer Science, the Chilean Computer Conference and various workshops in the area. In parallel, the International Congress Infonor-Chile is held, which is the most important academic / business event in computer and computer engineering in the north of Chile

This year, the JCC and Infonor-Chile will be organized by the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department of the Universidad de Tarapacá, at Saucache Campus in the city of Arica-Chile